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  1. Hi, I didn’t go swimming so I will reflect on playing games I guess. All I did was play games on a computer for a while and that’s actually it and we just mucked around. Then I found this site and I’ve been using it for a while now. I finished a few more games and that’s really it.
    From Jayden.

  2. On the weekend I played cricket in my backyard and my cousins and grandparents came over for tea. I had a tonne of fun. See you on Wednesday.

  3. Hi! On my weekend I went clay target shooting with my dad. They were shooting in partners and came 9th. On sunday we had lunch at our pop’s and then some of our friends came over for a swim and tea.
    Sincerely Ryan

  4. Hi. My weekend was pretty good. How was yours?

    After school on Friday, I went home with Jusstin. (Jess). We didn’t do muchhhhhh, but we did sorta get in trouble. We thought we made it clear enough that we decided to go to the park, instead of the shops. So we went there. Turns out we stayed there for over an hour. Her Mum forgot we went to the park, and she was worryingly driving around trying to find us. She did find us when we were walking back, and she picked us up. We then went to Maccas and mucked around on the playground while we waited. Other then that, we didn’t do anything too notable.

    When I went home on Saturday, I still didn’t do anything notable.

    Sunday, we went to my parent’s work Christmas bbq. It was alright, I guess. Afterwards, I went and got my hair dyed by my Mum’s friend, Jess. I was there for a few hours! It was honestly pretty boring, but ehh, it was worth it.

    Overall, as I said earlier, I’d say my weekend was pretty good.


  5. Hi
    Swimming was fun I really enjoyed it. It was fun playing on the last day. I enjoyed swimming with my friends. I also liked the bombs and dives.

  6. Prep-year 6
    Teacher- Mrs Dunlop
    Friends- Boden, Logan, Jack, Ollie, Brent, Zach
    Highlights- Melbourne Sea Life
    I remember that I was sick and my class brought me a hairy mc clary book, I think I read it 20 times!

    Year 1-2012
    Teacher-Mrs Dunlop
    Friends- Boden, Logan, Jack, Ollie, Brent, Zach,Bailey
    Highlights- my highlights were the excursions
    I remember going on a train for the first time

    Year 2-2013
    Teacher-Mr Lehane
    Friends- Boden, Logan, Jack, Ollie, Brent, Zach, Bailey, Jett R
    Highlights- Year 2 sleepover
    I remember when I was looking for Jack but he was at home with a black eye

    Year 3-2014
    Teacher- Miss Bennett

  7. Hope everyone had fun at swimming. What was your favourite type of swimming you learnt in your group? It was a shame I couldn’t go for the last two days from nikita

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