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  1. This was me and my friends at swimming, we were playing volleyball I think I wasn’t really concentrating that much! We had lots of fun Bailey, Shelby and I were in level six group two and we were Dolphins!

  2. Hi,
    Swimming did look fun. Just playing games was eventually getting boring and I kinda wish I went. If I got to choose over staying here or going swimming I would stay because I got to spend the money at home.

  3. Fun facts about swimming
    An olympic sized pool can can hold from 700,000 to 850,000 gallons of water depending on the size.
    Florida is the only state with laws about who can teach swimming. By law, swimming instructors and lifeguards must be certified.
    The turbopump on the space shuttle’s main engine is strong enough drain an average-sized swimming pool in less than 25 seconds.
    Swimming helps to reduce stress.
    Swim fins were invented by Benjamin Franklin.

  4. Mrs. McCarten
    Going to the pool this year was the best. When it was a cool day the water was warm. When it was a warm day the waiter was cool

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