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  1. Hey mate
    Hope you feel better wish you were here with us.
    See ya in a couple of days hopefully.
    See ya later,

  2. Hey Olldog, hope you feel back to your best again mate,
    here is a joke:
    What happens when you sit under a cow?
    You get a pat on the head!
    See ya,
    From Tom.
    😀 😀 d:-D

  3. Hi Ollie

    I hope you get better soon. We all miss you. Your team is winning the completion. Come back soon Ollie.

    From Jack

  4. Hi class

    I am out of hospital and will back at school on Monday. I have learnt that it is not fun being in hospital. Its pretty boring and they do all these tests, even in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep. The other thing I learnt was how many friends I have supporting me. Thanks for all your posts and messages to my mum.

    Thanks Ollie

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