So long and thank you! – Mrs H

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Thank you 4/5M and Mrs McCarten for a great three weeks!

I loved coming in each morning to see all your beautiful smiles and hear all your exciting stories! I had the best time helping you with your fractions, writing and drawing. I’m so excited to see how far your class blog goes and I’m expecting to see some great stories and drawings in the horizon!

Be kind to each other and never stop trying!

Mrs H x

Mrs Hansen’s last day

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On behalf of all of us in 4/5 M I would like to thank Mrs Hansen for being such a great student teacher. I really loved the way that you taught drawing and helped with our blog. I wish you all the very best of luck for your future studies and your future life as a teacher. We will remember your kindness and enthusiasm.

Lynda McCarten

My Way OUT

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My way out


She walked past me and I felt a terrible horror go through my entire body. There was a blinding noise in my ear,

‘Billy you haven’t even started yet!!!!’

I got a terrible scare as I said to myself

She’s such a mean teacher I need to find my way out of this!

Hmm what if I say my dog ate it?

No already tried that.

Then something amazing happened…

I actually had an idea …

So I did it. I climbed under the table and some others as well until I reached the door. It started to open and screech like someone scratching a blackboard.

‘BILLY ‘ she yelled, ‘double homework for you and no excuses!’


‘Now go to detention!’ Mrs Brown ordered.

So I headed to Principal Winston’s office and walk in and guess what he was having a party and literally dancing on his desk. He looked ridiculous!

How was I ever going to find my way out of there?

Author Ella 26-5-16

Potato Chips Should Not be sold At Our School Canteen

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Potato chips should not be sold at our school canteen

Potato chips are thin slice of potato that has been deep fried oil. And a canteen is where many children buy their food while at school.

I disagree that a potato chips should not be sold at our school because there not good for your health.

I don’t think potato chips should be sold at our school canteen because people will trow rubbish on the ground instead of putting it in the bin do you want rubbish on the ground? I don’t think so.

Potato chips should not be sold at our school canteen because you might get sick from eating too much potato chips do you want your children to get sick? I don’t.

In conclusion

I believe that potato chips should not be sold at our school canteen because there not healthy, it could lead to litter problems and you can really get sick. I believe overall potato chips should be sold at our canteen.


Author  Bailey

You Should Never Run In The Rain

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You should never run in the rain

Cross country has helped lots of people to get fit. Many kids around the world race on this day in many different countries. We run on a track around shops, schools and many homes. I believe you should never run in the rain and here are my three reasons why.


To begin with I think you should never run because you could slip and get hurt or worse break a bone. Do you want to go to hospital because of a stupid race? So stay off the track!


Also I think you should never run in the rain because you could get a cold or get really sick and nobody wants to be sick. In 2012, 28 million people died because of being sick. You don’t want to die because of a race do you?



Lastly you should never run in the rain because you will get wet and it’s harder to run in the rain when you’re swimming in a pool in your clothes. You’re likely to drown and it would be hard to run too!


In a nutshell you should never run in the rain because of the reasons above. Be safe and make the right choice.

Written by Briannna

Lara’s Terrible Day!

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Lara’s Terrible Day!

It was an exciting day for Lara today because she was going to the movies for the first time! She was going with her big sister Sally, who is 18. “Time to go Lara and Sally”, called Mum. On the way Lara did NOT stop talking about the movie they were going to watch because she was just so excited!


When they arrived, Sally saw a sign on the door of the movies saying ‘CLOSED’. “Oh No!”, cried Lara. “I guess we’ll just have to go home and watch YouTube”, sighed Sally.


At home, Lara was getting her iPad to watch YouTube, but it didn’t turn on because it was flat! “Ugh, everything’s going wrong today”, said Lara sadly, “At least I’ve got gymnastics in one hour but let me guess it’s gonna be cancelled”.

“Lara, your gymnastics coach just called and gymnastics is cancelled” explained Mum, “but because it’s cancelled, I am going to take you shopping at BigW!”

“YAY YAY YAY!” yelled Lara, loudly.


In the car, Lara explained to her Mum how everything was going wrong for her today.

At BigW, Lara’s Mum gave her $30 to spend on anything she wants. She went searching for a gymnastics mat to practise her gymnastics. Eventually she found where they were supposed be, there were bathroom mats, yoga mats, door mats but no gymnastics mats!

This was Lara’s WORST DAY EVER!


By Leticia


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SLAM! The door shut.

‘Get lost! You suck at playing dolls,’ yelled Brenda and Sophie.

Unfortunately there’s nothing to do and Clive and John are bored.

‘Well anyway you’re not going to come into the house,’ shouted Brenda.

‘Fine then just watch me,’ brags John. ‘DAM they have locked the doors! Dumb girls’ shouts Clive

‘Look, now it is raining and the doors are locked ,’complains John.

‘Fine then we will go down to the dam to skim some stones.’

‘ I bet you we can beat you at skimming stones,’ challenge the boys.

‘Fine then we will have a playoff,’ the girls answer the challenge and unlock the door to come out for the comp.

Everyone walks down.

‘ RUN NOW,’ yelled Clive. The boys race up to the house get in the side door.

The boys had done it. The girls were outside in the rain and the door was locked.

The boys put the dolls in the bin while  Brenda and Sophie are stuck outside.

They start to walk into the bush to keep dry then some bees chase the girls, ‘Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’  take off your  clothes’, said Brenda and throw them at the bees. They might stop chasing us. So the girls throw their clothes at the bees and then they just realise that the house was up ahead.……



By Ollie

Wow! We are so lucky at Huntly Primary School

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Hi Guys,

We have so many activities to look forward to this term including-

Gym on Tuesdays, Netball Clinic on Thursdays and Soccer Clinic on Mondays.

Congratulations to all of you who tried so hard in the Cross Country. I mean it, a big Well Done! Also I am really excited about including your writing in our blog. This is a great way for you to show off your talent and fantastic for your parents and family to read too.

What are you really looking forward to this term and how will you achieve this goal?

Be the best that you can be,

Mrs McCarten



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